Photo by Leah Rae Photograpy.

On July 8 & 9, 2015, Poetic People Power presented its 13th annual show. #AntiSocial: The Dark Side of Social Media premiered new poems about social media, how it's become more toxic in recent years, and how it's affecting our behavior, relationships and society. Through this informative and entertaining spoken word show, poets explored topics including public shaming and sexism online, the psychological effects of social media, government and corporate surveillance, and how companies like Facebook and Twitter are changing the way we think, conduct business, and interact with others. For 13 years, Poetic People Power has creatively explored social and political topics, offering insight and solutions to issues that affect our everyday lives.

Poetic People Power is an ongoing project that combines poetry and social change. We present informative and engaging poetry shows about important issues that affect our everyday lives. In addition to our annual shows, we also bring our work to schools, festivals, and perform at non-profit fundraisers.

Here's what the press is saying:

“Exciting, engaging, and inspirational.” - The Huffington Post

“A love song to a bygone New York City.” - The Epoch Times

“A group of writers whose poetry of action has burgeoned over the past decade.” - Poets & Writers

“Some of the fiercest poets are united in New York City to tackle thorny topics.” - The Brooklyn Rail

“Politics and poetry collide at Tara Bracco's annual reading bash.” - Time Out New York

Here's what audience members have said:

“Moving and inspiring.”

“It moved me to tears.”

“A powerful and moving experience.”

“Great show. Very inspiring. I wish there was more.”

“A very New York City experience.”

“So powerful, real, funny, and curated so well.”

“The poets rocked the house yet again.”

“Fun, educational, beautiful, totally amazing!”

“Poetic People Power got me fired up!”

“So good. Presented intelligently.”

“I loved it. Awesome set.”

“So many inspired voices.”

“Thought provoking, entertaining, exciting, vibrant. An amazing evening that hits you with reality and joy!”

“It seemed to me that the best of the best were in that room to be heard and recognized as a new generation of poets.”

“All of the thoughtful, intelligent, creative and inspiring pieces made for an amazing show.”

“I hope you continue to produce these events, and that I am always able to attend because they change me every year.”

“10 years, many venues, many poems, a trip through time.”

“I was totally influenced by it. My water habits have changed since then.”

“The show brings people into the personal experience of the water crisis instead of just saying here’s the facts. It affects people more deeply.”

“I was really inspired by this evening. Tara is a great producer, moderator, and poet!”

“A professional, inspiring, joyful event. Tara is the master of bringing art and political commentary together.”

“Amazing Poetic People Power show tonight, produced by the awesome Tara Bracco. I felt lucky to be in attendance.”

“Thank you and the artists for coming out to our campus and taking part in our Earthstock week. Everyone loved all the artists and their poems.”

“This is a beautifully organized event and an amazing concept.”

“Tara has a knack for choosing poets that make you feel like going out and changing the world.”

“Tara is an amazing, generous artist, invested in supporting many voices.”

“I always hated poetry until I started attending Poetic People Power events. The spoken word poets give of themselves to ignite thought that has and will bring about social change.”